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May your day be filled with good thougths, kind people, and happy moments. #powerofpositivity #positivewords #positivethinking #inspiration #quotes

YES. No one gets it. I have to choose every day. Should I shower or get groceries? Should I go to a movie or lunch with a friend? Should I clean a room or clean the litter box?I don't have the luxury of doing it all. And when the pain gets through it sort of short circuits my brain and I can't even think til I get off my feet.

Isn't it time to examine all of our arbitrary behaviors that have such dreadful impacts on others?

#vegan I always found it interesting that little children have to be coerced into eating their meat. They don't want it.

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Magnetic Letters - Sorting as a Way to Teach the Alphabet

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If we find a healthy and compassionate alignment as individuals, society as a collective will soon find it as well.

The revolution is not being televised.

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Gluttony and greed will see the end of civilisation as we know it - unless those in power value wisdom more...