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Hilarious picture of Jack Nicholson smiling and being extremely happy, because he doesn't care much. He has craziness in his eyes

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I know the voices aren`t real, but man, do they ever come up with some great ideas.

Redneck Medical Terminology. We had this card in tractor supply when I worked there :)

Leanin' Tree - "Redneck Medicine" by Crash Cooper - medical definitions redneck-style are sure to induce smiles and giggles galore. Inside verse: "By any definition, a get well wish is a get well wish

The problem is I don't think there was ever time when everyone had morals and or even just common sense

With so many things coming back in style. I can't wait until morals and intelligence become a trend again. Seriously though.


Doesn't have to be an intern. ER docs get the same face on a daily basis!

YAAASS | Introvert Humor ← this is real!

Chargers beat the Seahawks Today was a good day - Ice Cube- Today was a Good day

That look you give the oncoming nurse when they taking forever to get report. #nurse #RN #nurseproblems

That look you give the oncoming nurse when they taking forever to get report. This was so night shift the other morning

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Be prepared to never be able to watch TV again. I drove my parents crazy, still do, and have been banned from watching TV with them when anything medical is going on.

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I enjoy laughing and making myself and other people laugh but not in a class clown way.