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TED talks for parents - Grit

FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUpon We want our children to have good character, succeed and have the staying power to keep going. We want them to have grit. The hard thing is trying to do these things without becoming the overbearing and pushy parent. Angela Lee Duckworth’s TED Talk about Grit really struck a chord. She raises the issue …

Three Unbelievably Simple Parenting Ideas (that Work!) ~ 1) Children need a minimum of 8 touches during a day to feel connected to a parent. (2) Each day, children need one meaningful eye-to-eye conversation with a parent. (3) There are nine minutes during the day that can have the greatest impact on a child: the first three minutes–right after they wake up the three minutes after they come home from school, and the last three minutes of the day–before they go to bed.

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The power of saying "maybe" to your kids.

The power of saying maybe to your kids and what 3 phrases to use to positively communicate to children.

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering with Sarah Buckley, M.D. | Mama Goddess Podcast | TOPICS: What you need to know before conceiving your baby + Why gut flora and fat are so important for your pre-conception diet + What you need to know about tests and ultrasounds and why they might be harmful for your baby + The 4 hormones you need to know about to have an ecstatic birth and why birth is meant to be pleasurable + Why cord cutting may be harmful to your baby's health and what to do instead…

In Episode 15 of The Cord Podcast, Ellie Scarborough Brett, former NBC broadcast journalist, shares her powerful birth story with us – a story of making choices and letting go of choices. A story of practicing for parenthood by learning to let go.

POSITIVE PARENTING WITH AMY MCCREADY: If you're tired of yelling and/or feeling exasperated with your children, this ideacast will absolutely help. Amy's Positive Parenting Solutions website and programs are PHENOMENAL, and we're excited to share them with you!