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Dr. Seuss Day - Mens T-Shirt

Dr. Seuss Day - Mens T-Shirt

I don't know if I want a themed out classroom, but if I "marry" a theme, I think it would have to be Dr. Seuss inspired!

This 158 page set includes:Welcome BannerBlank banners you can write onCenters BannerWord Wall BannerWord Wall SignWord Wall LettersN.

The Seuss-like Whimsical Frames look great arranged vertical and horizontal to make a collage on the wall.  They come in blue, red and yellow to match the Seuss-like theme. $

Seuss-like room décor theme in red, yellow, blue and green was created to coordinate with Dr. Seuss commercial products in color only. Most items are editable.

This product features a writing prompt to accompany the classic book, The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. "If the Cat in the Hat came to your house, how would you get him to leave?"It also allows space for the students to draw a picture. Enjoy and feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

This writing prompt is designed to accompany the book "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. The prompt asks: "If you could try green eggs and ham, would you? What do you think they would taste like?" Enjoy and feedback is GREATLY appreciated!

Dr. Suess baby shower ideas | Dr Seuss Onesies

If you decide to do a dr suess theme (she mentioned that she liked that idea when we were planning danielles) / this can be the onsie clothes line (for Danielle's it was travel theme so we got onsies from all places they traveled too)

Love it! We must teach students to become high level thinkers to facilitate their success in the 21st century.                                                                                                                                                      More

Dr. Seuss' Lessons for Life: Here, There, and Anywhere

Seuss applies to learning for kids of ALL ages (yes, I would post this in my HIGH SCHOOL English classroom).