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Koi fish tattoo, I like this one but without all the craziness in the back
shark gill tattoo | Got Gills?’- Bringing A Freediving Shirt to Life » Freedive Blog
I want "Because one day" either in the font that looks like those monitors in hospitals or in arabic. Written on my thigh
Love it, deer hunting duck hunting and fishing!  Possible idea for my hubby!
Tattoo | Yahweh in Hebrew
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Carp Stretched Canvas Print by Aaron Cox - at
Japanese Dragon Flower Tattoo Cherry Blossom | Just Free Image Download
Tatt breakdown
Blackwork tattoo
Love the intricate design but wouldn't get this fish
Made on A3 Please do NOT copy this drawing! You may use it as inspiration, but not copy and use as your own! THANKS!
Large Colorful Koi Fish Temporary Tattoo - Jewelry Jills - 1
I've already got a tree, but maybe another!?