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TWIZZLER - A1096333 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 11/18/16 **ON PUBLIC LIST** A volunteer writes: She’s so magnificent in her auburn shining coat, her eyes matching her coat. Shy in her kennel, and reluctant to make friends, I eventually win her over and out we go. Twizzler seems to be housetrained, has lovely leash manners, and ignores all the park critters, even a squirrel right in front of us. Off leash, she’s not yet ready to play with toys, an

Samford Hall - used to called Old Main which was the main classroom building before it burned down and then Samford Hall was built using the old bricks salvaged from Old Main. Also, the clock tower chimes the Auburn Fight Song everyday at noon! Love, Peace, and ALL IN!!

1936 Auburn Speedster -- A beautiful vehicle, unfortunately the value of this vehicle has never hit, say the Mercedes 540K price point, but it still demands a pretty penny when at auction. The overall style has been attempted in kit cars forever and in mass but nothing compares to an all numbers matching example. Just gorgeous.

FOX SPARROW (Passerella iliaca) - breed in thickets and chaparral across northern North America & south along the western mountains. They forage on leaf litter and bare ground, usually under dense cover. During the breeding season they eat mainly insects. They find their prey with a “double-scratch” involving a hop forward and an immediate hop back, during which they simultaneously scratch both feet backwards through the leaf litter--I see them do this all the time in my Auburn backyard!