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SMITH COUNTY HOLDING FACILITY TYLER, TX Dante Cause #6570 Lab Mix - Male - 2 years - 55lbs Tag by *Tuesday* April 8th Pickup will be *Wednesday* April 9th at 10:30 AM.

We Ask Our Kids The Same 3 Questions Every Night - how were you brave today? how were you kind today and how did you fail today?

To the girls who got me through everything, but taught me that I'm capable of doing it on my own: Thank you. I love all of you and my life would have an irreplaceable void if any one of you weren't in it. Your friendship brings joy, humor, comfort, and overall enjoyment to my life and I hope I can repay back even 1/4 of the awesomeness you bring to me. :) LOVES YOU! @Angie Mitchell, @Dana Goldsmith, @Gwen Peebles, @Courtney Glicken, @Mandi Dillon

I chose this blog based on two lesbian moms who share their experiences and advice. In this particular blog about how straight parents should explain queer families, it focuses on the approach one should take in asking questions but also the boundaries one should have. I think this article is very similar to the documentary we watched in class because it's informing us on a different lifestyle than our own. It was very useful to see how one's perspective can change through someone else's…

I should think this is funny, but really all I can do is think about the fact that Paul McGann is shirtless and beautiful.

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