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Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio being awesome

If I ever did a movie (haha) with Leonardo DiCaprio (BAHAHAHAHA) and had to be near him (that could be 50 feet away), I would probably be so nervous I would barf. If he did THAT for ANY REASON, I would just combust.

Ah yes my love and I do this constantly and then laugh and then go straight faced at the same time #loveus

they don't like it when you laugh hysterically at the guy bouncing off the propeller either. trust me.

Leo can’t catch a break…

"You'd think he'd want to stay dry since he's died in the water twice already".... oh my how funny! But I must say that it is nice to see Leo is a gentleman <3

Where’s the Oscar…

seriously?!?! every fucking movie he gives his ALL!!! and that'ts putting it mildly. why is there no oscar???