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I just love decorating--all styles-- but for myself and my own home I lean towards the french country and scandanavian decorating styles...always with a touch of the bohemian...after all...this girl has a gypsy soul....

wild carrot for the Shabby chic garden

From my meadow, for Cinzia Via @Lara Thank you dear Lara ... I am blessed by your friendship everyday, you bring so much grace and poetry to my life, even as the pure flowers are, "you yourself know not how beautiful is your gift" . Love always, Cinzia

First of February and the spring is on its way! To mark the occasion these apple branches has moved in to us for the week!

Lavender, one of my favorites. Starting over again 2 years ago this summer I only have a few of these but if last years harvest is an indication I'll have lavender sprays, bundles and cachets galore which is just fine by me

* i, found, myself, as, sophia, wearing the crown of five stars from my mary past £ife, in a vault of black suited vampires, my family, Capet + who had just died bc the end of the French + Monarchy *o *** *o i sent them to Heaven + with angelic verse b.c.

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