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Hey sweethearts and welcome to my blog! My name's Marie and I'm a seventeen year old blogger from Florida. I'm feisty and bubbly, yet delicate and fragile. Every year I blow out my candles on January I love rainy days and reading. I'm a big...

OPI Significant Other Color. Fab dusky rose color with duochrome green metallic (looks gold under tungsten lights). My new fave!

pinner said: "I've been noticing that gold flake nail polish is really popular this season, so I went to go buy some...ummm...$30?!?!...nevermind. My friend Lauren and I made this DIY version and it works great! I bought a package of gold flakes at a craft store, and some cheap bottles of clear nail polish, bringing the project total to right around $10 (for two bottles)."

Oh. My. Goodness. Here's a full swatch of Juliette from the 2015 ILNP Winter Collection. Juliette is a new ROSE GOLD Precious Metals nail polish not made with glitter!

ILNP – Juliette: Next up is Juliette, a gorgeous rose gold scatter holo with silver flakes. The finish on this one is super sparkly and eye catching. The silver flakes give a reflective shine.