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"Candy Stripe" aka Pinwheel Rainbow size of bloom is 2.5"-3" fragrance is sweet compact tree with multiple branching known to produce 6-8 petals

"Celadine" Wonderful citrus fragrance Size of blooms are approx. 3.5" vigorous but compact grower and excellent keeping quality of the blooms over 10 days!!

"Cancun Pink" aka Playful C-Stars Fragrance is like sweet cinnamon! Bloom size can get up to the size of your hand! Great for beginners!

Cancun Pink CUTTING ~size of bloom: 3.5"-4" some can get up to 5" ~fragrance: smells like sweet cinnamon ~growth: upright, semi compact, great symmetrical grower Picture courtesy of Plumeria Hut Nursery

"Florida Sunshine" size of bloom is approx 2.5"-3" Fragrance is sweet

"Princess Olivia" size of bloom is approx. 3"-3.5" Beautiful delicate white petals with a light pink bloom. center of bloom is a orange to butterscotch yellow. Fragrance smells like a mans cologne!

"NOID" unknown variety... approx. 3.5" blooms. very delicate beautiful pink blooms with a distinct orange center. Fragrance smells like an orange/citrusy. Branches well and balanced.

"Cool-Aid" This is another face of Cool-Aid after the sun in Florida! Great Grape kool-aid Fragrance Bloom size is approx. 2.5" Good keeping quality! Recommended

"Princess Victoria" size of bloom is approx. 3" Mild sweet lilac fragrance. The tree grows in a well-balanced form and is easy to grow. Only a few flowers spot and splash reds and pinks and actually variegate

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