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Vegan. Anarchist. Misanthrope. Pantheist. Feminist. Logophile. Use any pronoun on one that you would use on animals, that's all one asks. Watch this! Then this! ...

Do You Ever Get Lonely? In fact, they deal with intense loneliness for years, then they go insane and you get to see the results on the news. If you go to the zoo or to waterparks, you are the reason they live enslaved lonely lives.

from Nature

Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees

Jane Goodall advocates for animals because she makes the obviously point they they cannot speak for themselves, so she will for them. This pin can help with opinions and different peoples perspective as I write my speech.

For ecology project. I support animal rights.Purple and Violet are popular awareness colors and they also stand for animal abuse awareness. Get fundraising help with Make A Wishlet where $10 from every product sold goes to the associated cause! Promote animal awareness today.