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Top 10 things that give me a happy Mind, Body and Soul – Free Spirit Fitness & Wellbeing

Pressure makes diamonds...

The strongest people are those who win battles we know nothing about - true strength

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Stop being those people where nothing is ever enough and you want more to be satisfied. Everything we have is a blessing. Open your eyes to the beautiful life you have been given.


When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new. I need to remember this!

Goodbye this dead-end job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL It's so true at the moment :)))

Learn from your past then pack your shit and get the fuck out of the there. So true it's unbelievable

UGH. so freaking true

If you have chemistry you only one other thing timing. But timing’s a bitch

Don't be the girl who needs a man. Be the girl a man needs.

Don't be the girl who needs a man. Be the girl a man needs. Well said


Today will NEVER come again. Be a Blessing. Be a friend. Encourage someone. Take time to care. Let your words heal, and not wound. Inspirational, Spiritual, Motivational & Positive Quotes & Sayings

Quietude - and maybe I'm not ready to deal with the consequences of breaking my silence......

Staying quiet doesn’t mean I have nothing to say, it means I don’t think you’re ready to hear my thoughts.