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Argument Essay on the Fairness of the Justice System: Step by Step Writing Guide

This FREE organizer is a helpful resource which can be printed and given to students while writing an essay. It's essentially a step-by-step outline to help students organize their thoughts.

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Sentence Editing Task Cards

Included in this product are 126 Sentence Editing Task Cards in color and 126 black and white). These task cards are prefect for morning work or even for centers activities. They have helped my students improve their spelling and writing skills.

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Insanity Plea -- "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe

In this two-day to three-day activity, students pretend to take part in the narrator's murder trial, in which the defendant is pleading "not guilty by reason of insanity." To make their case, students will comb through the facts and events laid out in "The Tell-Tale Heart" and look for evidence the could prove either that the murderer IS insane (to help the defense lawyers) or that he is NOT legally insane and therefore guilty (to help the prosecution.) All the while, students will practice…

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Greek and Latin Roots: Teach It in an Hour

Everything you need to teach Greek and Latin Roots in an hour. Interactive Power Point, task cards, posters, quiz. And cute graphics, too! Rosie's Resources on

Letters to the Future is a lesson plan developed by Laura Candler for having students write letters to themselves that will be delivered in the future. The activity can be completed electronically using the website FutureMe which will automatically deliver an email on a specific date in the future, or it can be completed as a paper and pencil activity with letters being delivered personally.