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Avoid climber's posture by using a lacrosse/tennis ball to roll out your chest and lats

I have an obsession over SHORTS ♥ I've been on the hell of Bulimia and several ED stuff, apparently recovered because i no longer support the idea of purging or fasting so this is a healthy progress blog. Height: meters SW: 65 kg CW: 63 kg 63 kg here ...

Back balance on corde lisse.

3 moves for climber's elbow

Calm menstrual pain

Yoga for your period

At VERVE LIFE we admire yoga practitioners who are determined to exercise mental well being coupled with developing physical strength. Let our CLEAN EATING, ALL NATURAL products accompany you on your journey. Contact us on or visit for more information.

Many pregnant women suffer from carpal tunnel symptoms. Try these cues when practicing yoga to alleviate pressure on the wrists. You may also roll up the front of your mat to place under the middle of your palm, or use blocks for hands and knees postures.

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