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Math Box

Math Box - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. Ideas of what to include in a box to encourage maths play. Links to fun maths worksheets #maths

I would use this when first introducing multiplication. It is important for students to get a visual of what multiplication is and not just memorizing multiplication tables. It would be fun to use this model with m's or some type of food that they could eat at the end!

Start with paper that is 11x17 so you have enough room. We folded our paper into 8 equal sections (fold in half 3 times to achieve 8 boxes). In each box they formed an angle and glued the popsicle sticks in place. Then they labelled the angles in degrees (For example: 90, 180) Finally they labelled the box with a heading of which angle it was.

Boxed Out 120 chart game that is super fun! Directions in the post! Building Number Sense in First Grade

Math - I Have...Who Has...Addition (commutative property)

This is a wonderful game to play once students have a conceptual understanding of the commutative property of addition. It is an easy, quick, and fun daily review that the students love!