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President Obama: Friend-In-Chief

Forget wanting to have a beer with the prez, a recent ABC News poll found that quite a few people would rather have the Commander-In-Chief hold their

ABC News sur Twitter : "#ICYMI: Giant goldfish threatening freshwater species in…

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Why letting goldfish go wild is a bad idea in Australia: They become giant pests

The acting U.S. Attorney General, Sally Yates, said she will not defend President Trump's executive order regarding immigration because she is not convinced it is "lawful," according to a letter. "At present, I am not convinced that the defense of the Executive Order is consistent with these...

Trump Fires Acting Attorney General for Refusing to Defend Immigration Order

- Note: @ Sally Yates fired for not defending Trump's executive order - Acting US Attorney General Will Not Defend Trump Immigration Order - ABC News

ABC News ‏@abcnews  41m41 minutes ago #ICYMI: Apple a day increases life expectancy for women, Perth researchers find http://ab.co/1SzFyR3

a day increases life expectancy for older women, Perth researchers find - ABC Online: ABC Online Apple a day increases life…

A mystery near Seattle has been solved -- sort of.At the center of the mystery is “Jimmy,” a chubby little garden gnome who was stolen in August off Barb and Bret Kraupie’s front porch in Snoqualmie, Washington.“I was just doing some yard work and noticed he was gone,” Bret, 55, told ABC News of that fateful summer day.Mysterious Figure Found Inside Garden GnomeThe couple was upset their friendly garden gnome had disappeared, but eventually accepted it and certainly never expected him to be…

Missing Garden Gnome Mysteriously Returns After Apparent Cross-Country Road Trip

ICYMI: Last night's #121212Concert for Sandy Relief was absurdly amazing. Click for the entire set list and a break down of the night.

12-12-12 Concert: Music Royalty Rock Out for Sandy Relief

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2/14/17 - Yes, Her too. - Office of Government Ethics asks White House to investigate Kellyanne Conway - ABC News

ICYMI: Kellyanne Conway apologizes to Trump for Ivanka remark, White House reportedly investigating leaks, Hillary Clinton mocks Trump on…

Nasty beef... close them down!

'It's 100 Percent Beef': Company on Defensive as It Closes Plants

Pink slime is the more common name for what industry insiders call lean finely textured beef. Its a low-cost ingredient made from fatty leftover meat trimmings

#ICYMI: Meet the roos and wallabies that are part of the family http://ab.co/1I5gi14

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Kangaroos and wallabies as companions are not as uncommon as you might think, with several people across the country taking in the marsupials as part of the family.