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@JambaAtHomeSmoothie I received the Jamba At Home Smoothies smoothie voucher for free from Influenster for testing and reviewing purposes. I chose the Caribbean Passion blend and made two delicious smoothies with my very good friend Kat Hambor. It was very easy to make and only required a cup of apple juice to be blended with the contents of the bag. The mango, passion fruit, peach and strawberry flavors melded very well together to create an absolutely delicious smoothie. #jambajuice…

Was so easy to make and taste so good. I just added a cup of apple juice than blend well. Less than 5 minutes to make. #jambajuice complimentary of @Influenster for testing testing #contest #Influenstervox

I received this free @athomesmoothie from and it is delicious as well as nutritious! #JambaJuice #contest

Loving the new #JambaJuice @athomesmoothie from my @Influenster #SurfsUpVoxBox #healthyliving #delicious Caribbean Passion has always been my favorite! Now, I can drink them at home :) #contest #freebie #coupon

@Jamba At Home Smoothies #JambaJuice This didn’t blend well. I don’t know about you, but I like volume and this only made 2c. It's too thick to drink through a straw and there are still some VERY large chunks in it, so we got out the spoons. It tasted a LOT like apple juice. That was all I could really taste. Maybe this would have been better with water? Possibly spinach or a banana to cut the extreme sweetness? It was alright, but I won’t buy it. #contest

Our new Green Fusion #smoothies gets you a full serving of fruit AND is an excellent source of 7 vitamins from the vegetables! #GF #fruitsmoothie

Peach-Strawberry Smoothie

Looking for a quick, delicious breakfast to use up your summer peaches? Try this creamy, peach-strawberry smoothie!