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The XR Slide, otherwise known as the Face Plant. You're going to take home the trophy for “Most Entertaining Injury” at the emergency room this year—no contest.

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How to Tame the Wild Beast

Working out relieves stress and makes me a much happier person!

XR Slide | XR Circuit 003 | Dig Deep

XR Slide | XR Circuit 001 | Cherokee 10s

XR Slide :: Circuit 004 :: Vanilla Slice

XR Slide :: Circuit 002 :: Low Rider

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Ancient Chinese shoulder exercise

Ancient mind-body martial arts and healing traditions are a passion of mine. Anything that has withstood the test of time and has been handed down for centuries or even thousands or years, must have merit.

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11 Seriously Wonderful Self-Massage Tips That Will Make You Feel Amazing

11 Self-Massages For Everything That Hurts