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Crystals and Stones for the Tarot

FLUORITE ...(comes in different colors) ...absorbs negativity and guards against picking up negative energies from those nearby. It is important to cleanse it at least once a week when you're using it as a protective helper. BLUE FLUORITE ...protects emotions by restoring emotional balance. GREEN FLUORITE ...promotes healing on all levels, mind, body & spirit

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Pink Rhodochrosite Crystals with Quartz in matrix Mineral Specimen from Silverton Colorado hard rock silver ore mine, Geology Earth Science

Boytroidal Chalcedony: this stone absorbs negative energy then dissolves it to avoid further transmission, and can also transmute negative feelings into joy; harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit making it excellent for use in telepathy. | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #magic stones #stones #crystals #gems #chalcedony

Laying healing crystals on your body immediately shifts you into a different state. It helps to draw out negative energy, unblock stagnant energy and encourage a smooth flow of energy throughout your body. #crystals