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No.1 all these emotions can come together and form 1 big emotion

Finding Issues Many of the issues facing the world today are easy for us to spot and some are hard, but if changes are to be made, then finding both (easy, and difficult) and doing something about it is worth the extra effort. The help would/is surely appreciated.

Find happiness You have to get many things in your life.. but never forget to find happiness !

Whatever language you speak, however you call it, there is one way only to understand each other in this world... the Universal Language... LOVE

recycle A simple message: Recycle, Recycle, Recycle! Make use of old, to create new. Mix, match, muddle. Breathe new life into everyday things and be inspired. A products' life cycle these days is too short. Constantly updating, we take for granted what we already have and do not realise the impact our lifestyle choices have on the environment. Recycling extends the products life and is one of the best ways of reducing environmental impact.