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The liberal media are IGNORING bad news for Democrats in the upcoming midterms elections, but when it looked bad in 2006 for Republicans, it was all they could talk about! Read More:

I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of watching the liberal media attack, smear and lie about our conservative leaders, and then watch as these same liberal media types have the audacity to tell us who our leaders should be!?!

Democrats and the liberal media love to mock conservatives like Sarah Palin as unintelligent or uninformed, but history has proven Sarah Palin right over and over again. Help us spread this important message and fuel a conservative resurgence in 2014.

It appears as though former Obama official Van Jones has taken Rahm Emmanuel’s belief that you never “want a good crisis go to waste” to heart during a Sunday appearance on ABC’s This Week w/ George Stephanopoulos. During a panel discussion on the upcoming midterm elections, Jones suggested that Democrats should point out that the…

REMEMBER TO PRAY THE VOTE!!! May these traitors to God and our Country be OUSTED on that day! Let's be vigilant, keep watch and SPEAK UP...FIGHT BACK!! We can't be silent anymore!!!

Too many times we forget that the USA was built on truth and ethics(being honest). Interpersonal skills are good to have but not a requisite for a president. Just need the honest part and I am good. Trump talks how he feels. I admire a man like that.