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Persian Gulf:Boushehr.Iran

IRAN, minab. Traditional mask from Persian Gulf | © Elena Senao

Siraf, known today as Taheri Port, was a legendary ancient Sassanid port, with foundations dating back to the Parthian dynasty. It was located on the north shore of the Persian Gulf in what is now the Iranian province of Bushehr and was destroyed around 970 AD.

کورهٔ اَردِشیرخُورّه - کوره اردشیر ارتا خشتره یا اردشیر خوره firouzabad gur- iran - sasanid period City of Sasanian period Manufacturer City: Ardeshir Sassanid Southern Iran - Persian Gulf region Firuzabad County (Persian: شهرستان فیروزآباد) is a county in Fars Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Firuzabad by:Sasanian Empire - Persian on Facebook. IranologySociety.

Beautiful capture of dolphins swimming in the "Hengam Island" - Persian Gulf, IRAN. Dolphin watching is a must when you're heading to Hengam Island from Qeshm Island! (Persian: تصویری زیبا از تماشای شنا کردن دلفین ها توسط گردشگران - جزیره هنگام) Credit: PLAN4theLAND

Guernsey County Desert Storm Memorial - Cambridge, Ohio - Persian Gulf War Memorials on

Kish Island, Iran: A resort island.

Sooty Falcon (Falco concolor) found from Northeast Africa to the south Persian Gulf region.

Bandari burqa - Iranian peoples of the southern coast line in Hormozagan province whom are known as “Bandari” (port people).