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from BBC

The strangest meal I’ve ever eaten

Grub Kitchen’s signature dish: a bug burger (Credit: Credit: Nic Fleming)

My new line when people bug me about my strict diet.

Our fast "food" display is now 2 years old. The word food is questionable, since the bread-like and meat-like substances have not molded or spoiled in any way. Bugs won't even bother with it.

from Men's Health

You Won't Believe This Shocking New Nutrition Trend

Insects provide the highest-quality protein on the planet—but will you dig in? You will if you know what's good for you

from Real Simple

One Yoga Move to Strengthen Your Entire Upper Body

Add this pose to your yoga routine for slim, toned arms.

from RunWiki

The Best Foods for Runners and a Honey Chipotle Black Bean Burger Recipe

Whether you are a seasoned runner or beginner, these 12 foods are what you need to feel your best. If you are training for a full, half marathon, 10K, 5K, or Ultra fueling your body for peak performance is key to peak performance. I eat #1 and #3 in bulk!

I've done this experiment myself. I have a "happy" meal (which should be called SAD meals) and it's 13 months old. It looks the SAME as when I bought it last March 2011. It's disgusting and it's maddening how much of this fake food people eat every day.

I'm ready to stop tearing myself down. Are you?