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War & Peach. Clockwork Orange Creamsicle. Whirled War Z. Keep cool this summer with these book inspired ice cream flavors!

Biological rhythms- periodic physiological fluctuations/ (your body does stuff at certain times, ex. shedding of the uteran lining)/ Circadian rhythm- the biological clock; regular body rhythms that occur on a 24 hour cycle (sleep)


i-wood laptop

The i-wood by German based Rasselfisch is the perfect low tech laptop alternative for the kid in your life.

Exploded book binding. Yes. It is still a book since the pages are "binded" together. I think book binding itself is an art form. Putting aside the functionality and economic aspects of a "proper book" for reading, book design is a true marry of art, craft and design. The space in between is very interesting that I could imagine more paper forms on each piece of paper and sculpted into a 3 dimensional building or something like that. That division of space allow viewers to imagine and…