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126. Mid-Air Emergency! Mar 21, 2012 | 49mins. • Composite footage into Airplane interior • Build wing from 2D elements and add pyro 3rd Party Tools: Particular, Action Essentials 2 / Video CoPilot

• Create particles that only appear in the light beams • Bevel the title and create a realistic soft shado

114. Stroke FX Jan 27, 2011 | 17mins. • Create high-impact titles using multiple stroke FX • Use expressions to link text for easy editing Via VideoCoPilot @qingshan yu

Creative COW After Effects Tutorials: Shape Tips #3 Show: Digital Video CS4 @qingshan yu

This quick tutorial shows how to animate multiple layers by using expressions. It allows you to use less key frames and improve your workflow. By AETuts+

Submerged • Animate a camera through one surface to another below • Combine camera mapping techniques with real textures