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5 Deburred 18G Aluminum 1 1/8" X 1 1/8" OHIO Stamping Blanks. $6.50, via Etsy.

Our moon, U know when U see it that I Love YOU & Miss YOU..I told it tonight! I Do Love YOU & ache for every single moment of every single day and night. U know in your heart that no matter what I will Love YOU forever & always!! We are soulmates... I truly believe that. Even if u r in love with her and not me. The moon was beautiful tonight. I will always love you bb.(im not In LOVE WITH HER).. so stop believing that bull I LOVE YOU I MISS YOU TTMAB

Love is... never opening each other's mail.

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Jeremiah 1:5. Set You Apart. 8x10 DIY Printable Christian Poster.Bible Verse

John 3:15-18 Hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and remission of sins in Him alone :) look it up

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Photo (Falling for you.)


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These Incredible Photos Prove That True Love Does Exist

Orangutan young stay with their mother longer than any other great ape. Females do not give birth often compared to other primates, on average once every eight years. The young may nurse until six years and the young will stay with their mothers until the next baby is born; therefore the young orangutan is often between age 8 and 10 years old by the time they leave their mother. Mothers are very devoted and loving; cuddling, cleaning and nursing their offspring. 135775009

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Comfy Cardigan with Wide Leg Jeans

I know I said no animal prints. But I love those shoes (and the rest) SMS

I think I fall in love with people, a little too much, just in the way they sound at 4am or how they look when they smile. and it's so addicting, when their eyes light up, because you've remembered something they may have said. I think I grow attached, to people, who I know, will leave. But I can't help it, because I see all that you are, when you don't really see it yourself...

Her fans were extremely important to her. I don’t know whether it comes across sometimes because of some of the things people say about how tough she was and what a perfectionist she was. If they came up to her and asked for an autograph, no problem, she would give it. She used to say to me: “Mike, without my fans I’m nothing.” Michael Merrill (son)

Snow owl-Montessori - Waldorf wooden puzzle, made by hand of maple wood,no harmful colors and no lacquer