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Jaco Pastorius and I hung out together fierce in Manhattan, during a period of time, just after my own stint with WR. The only formal show we ever did was in NYC, at the Beacon Theater, with a group called the Samba Salsa Swing All-Stars. Jaco performed the concert (and is pictured here) playing my Fender Jazz bass, a gift to me from Jon Lucien!

A fitting tribute to the troubled genius who revolutionized electric bass playing and bridged the gaps between jazz, RandB, rock and funk. This book portrays the life and music of Jaco Pastorius, This special anniversary edition features new interviews with Jaco's childhood friends, prominent bass players of Jaco's era and girlfriend Teresa Nagell, who was with Jaco in the last few years of his life. Also contains new, never-before-seen photos acquired from the Pastorius estate.