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Jaco Pastorius and I hung out together fierce in Manhattan, during a period of time, just after my own stint with WR. The only formal show we ever did was in NYC, at the Beacon Theater, with a group called the Samba Salsa Swing All-Stars. Jaco performed the concert (and is pictured here) playing my Fender Jazz bass, a gift to me from Jon Lucien!

Michel Camilo began his professional career as a simphony orchestra percussionist, later switching to piano. I performed in his band alongside drummer Dave Weckl, bassist Anthony Jackson, and saxophonist Chris Hunter. We also performed together in the Salsa, Samba, Swing All-Stars. He is one of the most fiery musical performers touring the world right now!

Home Plate. Bonnie Raitt. This album simply blew me away. I love this woman. She can sing and she's the only female to ever make the list of Rolling Stone's Top 100 guitarists. She plays a mean slide guitar. "Sugar Mama," "What Do You Want the Boy to Do," "Walk Out the Front Door." The list goes on and on. Just saw her in Boston this year. Still amazing and best of all--she has never cared about being a commercial success. You go, Bonnie.