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Obama Quietly Orders One BILLION Dollars Worth Of Disposable FEMA Coffins DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS???

500,000 Fema Coffins in Madison GA. One sight of many!!.....big enough for 4 bodies each, WHY are these necessary?

After This Bright Kid Attacked Barack Obama, Facebook did THIS to Him (VIDEO) - The Political Insider

When will people stop idolizing these fake and plastic Kardashian's? Damn even my auto spell- correct has their name. SMH

But it isn't just the White House claiming to be caught off guard by The Obvious, it is also a useless American media that seems incapable o...

Have you heard of the death train? Complete with shackles! It has 3 decks and holds 15 million people! They made 107,000 rail cars! Now why do we need this triple decker monster with shackles?

ISIS SHOWS WHAT HAPPENS IN A WORLD WITHOUT THE USA Filmmaker and author of “America: Imagine a World without Her,” Dinesh D’Souza said that recent rise of ISIS and aggression by Russia prove his point that a world without American influence is dangerous.