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Everyone recognizes the importance of coaching sales people, but it just doesn’t get done. In a survey of several hundred sales managers, we found sales managers “coached” their sales people 1 time per quarter or less! Based on this, a sales person is lucky if they get 4 coaching sessions per year.

Sales in a simple and concise definition is an act of selling. A person that sells or carries out sales activities is a sales man. A sales person is key in sales because goods and products will not sell themselves. Someone is expected to serve as the brain behind the selling force.

The question is often asked by managers, “How much and how often should I do sales training?” This points to several dilemmas facing sales managers: When they hold training for their team, their sales people are not selling. Although the training should help them to be more productive, at least for the time that they are in class, the sales people are not selling.

Gaining new clients, growing in your business and finding potential customers is the focus of every business. If you are working on expanding through formal sales, then you will also need to know how to approach a different type of market. Most likely, this will require you to offer a sales proposal to potential clients.

Where does an experienced sales professional find a new sales tip or find a fresh technique for improving some area of their sales? Where does someone who has had loads of sales training and years of first hand sales success go for something really valuable to help them continue to improve their sales skills and results?