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But remember this as well — one of the fastest and most effective ways to shut down the flow of public information about a shaky/shady situation in government is to open a criminal investigation. Why? Because it shuts people up. Because it lets those involved, or those being asked about the problems, say something to the effect, “I can’t talk about this because of the ongoing probe.” -

Governments don't want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. That is against their interests.


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COMMON CORE BASED ON THIS: Cognitive researcher, philosopher, and political activist Noam Chomsky. Well now, this explains a lot

People referred to as "units" in America 2014. Obama Care refers to you and your loved ones as Units. If you're over 70 forget getting anything but a suicide pill. Remember the movie SOYLENT GREEN, if you don't watch it.

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What is it about the word ILLEGAL that liberals don't understand? So many have met legal qualifications and come here legitimately to be productive citizens...why would you want people here who are not honest and milk our system? Oh, wait...unconvicted criminals vote when handed a free ride, don't they?