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The sun has set, the stars are out Though our hearts shall tomorrow burst Though our end is nigh Our deeds shall grace the tongues of bards And earn a maiden’s sigh. Tomorrow may be our last dawn A swordpoint, our last sight We shall have earned our place in song And in songs there is no night. by Winter’s Knigh

Boudicca Also known as: Boudica, Boadicea, Boadacaea - Boudica: Celtic War Queen Who Challenged Rome one of the Saddest and Darkest Chapters of Celtic history. Boudicca was queen of the Iceni people of Eastern England and led a major uprising against occupying Roman forces. Boudicca was married to Prasutagus, King of the Iceni. of the Iceni people of East Anglia.Some time between 43 and 45 CE,

No man nor woman is as skilled with calvary as this paladin. Working for the king, he seeks to discover immortality to not only keep his title, but to replace one of the generals in the future. And quite possibly the king himself.