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Heat and Temperature: Convection Coloring

This is a coloring sheet with text all about convection, a type of heat transfer. The concept is defined in both text and drawings. Also, the relationship

5 Tips for Practicing Inferencing

Wonderful Educational App for Kids about Human Body

Interactive 3D app for kids teaching about human body, with 3D pictures and videos.#kidsapps

I have who has Ecology ecosystems biomes food web chain game 5th 6th 7th Jr High

This interactive "I have, who has" game reviews students over the concepts of ecology, biomes, food webs, food chains, energy pyramids, biotic factors, abiotic factors, trophic levels, consumers, primary succession and secondary succession (to name a few). 40 game cards! Appropriate for 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th graders. Could be used as a review or remedial activity for 8th and possibly 9th graders.

Nervous System Lesson with Printable Game

Ecology for Kids: Learning about Biomes

Excellent reads about the biomes and ecosystems around the globe -- plus some great hands-on activities!