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This Instant Pot Mongolian Beef is better than any Chinese take out! You won't believe how tender and delicious it is after only 12 minutes of pressure cooking! My family said this is one of their favorite meals ever!

After an Insane Workout! Just killed the fuck out my legs!! A week in a half into my #shredz supplements! Without #shredzarmy I wouldn't be feeling these pumps! Thanks #arvinsworld for your supps! Never stop fighting for what you want! There will always be negativity around us but let's stay positive and help each other out! Fuarkkk! Have a great weekend. #fitnesslifestyle #bodybuildingfreakzz by octaviosaneworkouts7

In our world there are psychotic people that claim to hear others thoughts but it is a lie. In the knife of never letting go you can actually hear everyone's thoughts. I think the author is telling us that being psychotic is ok.

“…people with mental illness are suffering.” – John Forbes Nash Jr., the mathematician who inspired “A Beautiful Mind” - More at: http://quotespictures.net/20320/people-with-mental-illness-are-suffering-john-forbes-nash-jr-the-mathematician-who-inspired-a-beautiful-mind

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