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just leave me in my domain of solitude while i bawl my eyes out || all art belongs to their rightful owners ||

Forge in Frost by Caitlyn Humphries - (I chose this because LOFAF is quite an interesting planet and I like the Frost and Frogs)

hugs all around B) - ikimaru -- I will never be over this upd8. Even now, months afterwards, I am not over it. CANON.

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Can we take a moment to appreciate how adorable Karkat looks in this pic right now!!?

Homestuck kanaya and rose (I love the art style and colours)

Homestuck trolls genderbend. I like most of them, but I think they could've done better with Sollux (he/she doesn't look like a harcker with a lisp anymore D: ).

I need 3 furries to be in this, also which pose you want them to be in (ex: My OC alexis is going pose like the girl)

tumblr_o4s96lZCdk1s7a0jxo1_500.png (500×471)