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Haws Brass Watering Lance

In early spring, an excellent way to water fragile seedlings and new plant shoots is with a gentle drenching spray that tricks them into thinking they're enjoying a light rain shower. Enter the watering wand, also

One-Touch Aluminum Water Wand

One Touch Aluminum,Aluminum Water,Water Wand

Ridged Marble Soap Tray

An exclusive terrain design, this carved marble soap tray is formed with deep ridges to keep soaps free of standing water.- A terrain exclusive- Marble-

Heritage Garden Hose

Your seemingly innocuous garden hose may be brewing up a dangerous cocktail. Before taking another drink, consider investing in a chemical-free, drinking-water-safe option.

Flexible Garden Tub

Shop for inspiring home and garden décor, furniture, containers, gifts, personal care items, in addition to found objects and antiques from around the world.

Garden Scissors

When it comes to cheerful garden tools, it doesn't really get better than this array of new tool colors.

Jute Twine Spool & Scissors

A practical addition to the workshop or garden shed, this ball of sturdy twine is mounted on an oak wood stand and paired with steel scissors.- Natural jute, oak wood, oil finish, steel scissors- EnglandStand: diameterScissors: Twine: 110 meters

Patterned Pot Trio, Blue

Plants Havenly,Patterned Plant,Pot Trio,Mixed Industrial,Trio Blue,Rich Bold,Dinning Rm,Family Rm,Garden Space

Organic Perfection Fennel Seeds

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