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Christian Bale has already said he doesn't want to play Bond and I am not too sure I want Tommy to be Bond either, THard has the world at his hand right now and I think he can choose a lot better. Idris, whom I love, would say is the ideal Bond ONLY because we have never had a black actor playing him. And Clive Owen is such a archetypal bond-type, it doesn't take any stretch of the imagination to see him play the role. I love Michael and I don't want him taking up this sleazy role.

jellysoap: charlidos: Tom Hardy, Noel Clarke and Idris Elba - all together (yesterday, I’m assuming). :D Be careful Tom, or your face will get stuck that way! JUST REALISED THIS IS A RECENT PICTURE!! Did I hallucinate this into being?

Handsome. Their interactions from this point on are great!! I loved when Gerard was talking to Idris about Bob and I loved the flashback to them dancing...they could have shown more of that part!!