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Whales Show Signs of Coping With Man-Made Noise Underwater - NYTimes.com #whales

I used to train these guys at Sea World--The false killer whale is a cousin of the dolphin, the third largest member of the oceanic dolphin family.

Pilot whales, Canary Islands. By Eduardo Acevedo

Magazine's 2013 Photo Contest Winners

REFLEJO Reflection of pilot whales in a magic day in Tenerife Island. The blue ocean with crystal-clear water gives you a three-dimensional view.

Spinner Dolphins - Kona, Hawaii

waasabi: “ Spinner Dolphins - Kona, Hawaii by James R.D. Scott ”

Pilot Whales ... Eduardo Acevedo

New Life: 19 Baby Underwater Creatures

Kelp bed with sunrays,  Annacapa Marine reserve. Channel Islands National Park, California, USA.

Picture/photo (Underwater Views): Kelp bed with sunrays, Annacapa Marine reserve.

SLR Consulting Australia do some cool stuff in the field of Underwater Acoustics

SLR Consulting Australia Underwater Acoustics Monitoring and Management

Short-beaked common dolphins and Cory's Shearwater (Calonectris diomedea) hunt blue jack mackerel (Trachurus picturatus) in Azores, North Atlantic Ocean


British Wildlife photographer Christopher Swann swam in the midst of this frenetic battle of life and death to capture this images off the c.

Mysterious Underwater Circles Found near Japan - cameras revealed that the culprit was a few-inch long puff fish, creating the sand sculptures by swimming tirelessly and using its single fin.

Mysterious Underwater Crop Circles Discovered Off the Coast of Japan by Japanese photographer Yoji Ookata

A Parallel Universe: These Half-Underwater Pics Show What Hides Beneath The Waves | The Mind Unleashed

Matty Smith is an extremely talented photographer that travels the world taking these amazing half submerged camera shots at various locations…