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beaded scraper sticks

bottle cap musical shaker

Water Bottle Guiro-Recycled water bottles with ridges make excellent homemade guiros. You can use sharpies or stickers for decorating the outside and any materials such as beads, seeds, glitter, salt, pebbles or unpopped popcorn for filling up the inside. Use unsharpened pencils, chopsticks and egg whisks or hair picks for your guiro scrapers.

Painted Stick Instrument Tutorial

Follow link to Daria site. Learn how to make this beautiful painted stick instrument based on an Egyptian sistrum...a functional instrument and a work of art!

Painted Stick Instrument Tutorial

Painted Stick musical Instrument tutorial

Fairy Bell Rings

Dancing Fairy Rings - fun for a diy project. Great combo ribbon twirling and bell jingling Ummm... Yes!

COOLEST THING EVER!!! Cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution. Glow in the dark bubbles. Summer nights here we come!

Bell shaker – with added bling!

Music: Homemade Shaker

Ribbon Wands

Ribbon Wands - A Fun And Easy DIY Craft To Do With Your Girls by Somewhat Simple

Paper Mache creatures