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50 fantastic road trip activities for kids

Looking for road trip ideas for kids that don't involve electronic devices, play doh, stickers, and singing, "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" for 10 hours straight while you travel this Thanksgiving and/or Christmas? Then this list of 50 fantastic travel activities for kids is for you!

BYU Study Reveals the 4 Keys to Help Your Family Thrive

You can make the entire variety of people coming over for the match happy with a little effort. For more entertaining tips, visit Orgullosa on P&G everyday today!

Studio 5 - Vacation Activities for Kids

Kids love vacations, but sometimes getting there can be a real buzz killer. Not anymore!

Studio 5 - 5 Great Summer Road Trips

It's summer and you know you want to take a vacation, but just can't think of some place new and different to take the family. There are several destinations within a 2-8 hour drive that will be perfect for a family road trip.