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Crocodile Inlay Egypt/99 BC-99 AD H: 1.6 cm, W: 8.2 cm, Th: 0.4 cm On display at The Corning Museum of Glass (

Romano-Egyptian mosaic glass inlay of a lion, Egypt, 1st century B.C.-1st century A.D. A section of a mosaic composite bar, showing the profile of a lion's head, in a semi-translucent dark blue matrix, the opaque red face with features in dark blue, translucent yellow mane and dark orange chest, 2.3 cm x 2.5 cm. Private collection

The Grand Egyptian Museum: Stela dedicated by Ptolemy V to the bull Buchis Ptolemaic period – Ptolemy V Limestone, painted and gilded H. 72 cm; W. 50 cm; thickness 14 cm

Pendant, eagle with lion’s head, gold, lapis lazuli, copper, 12.8 cm high, 11.9 cm wide, excavated at the Palace of Mari, “Treasure of Ur,” Early Dynastic Period IIIb, ca. 2500 B.C., National Museum of Syria, Damascus.