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Rock-cut tombs in Myra, an ancient town in Lycia, Turkey

Rock-cut tombs in Myra, An ancient town in Lycia, Turkey. Myra was a town of Lycia about 85 miles from Antalya, Turkey (biblical Attalia, Acts

Patna, the oldest city of India.

India is very well known in the world for its oldest civilization. The Indus Valley Civilization: Harappa and Mohenjodaro. The oldest living Cities of India are Patna, Pushkar, Madurai and Delhi

Hay Castle Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye, Powys, Wales.

One of the oldest of the many second-hand bookshops in Hay-on-Wye, this Hay Castle Bookshop occupies the Century manor house on the site of the Century fortress.

2. Nepal used to have a monarchy. The two main dynasties were Shahs and Ranas. The alliance of these two dynasties is represented in the flag by the two triangles.

King Mahendra June died on January His eldest son Birendra was immediately proclaimed King of Nepal. His official title was: Shri Panch Maharajadhiraja Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. He and his wife Aiswarya were crowned King and Queen of Nepal on February

An Archeologist claims an underground 12,000 year old tunnel exists between Scotland and Turkey

An Archeologist claims an underground year old tunnel exists between Scotland and Turkey


Buddha at Ngyen Khag Taktsang Monastery (fake photo, real place. the caved buddha is fake, but the whole place is real in China)