Though today we'd scarcely bat an eye at the image of a pregnant celebrity, during the Victorian era it was rather uncommon for a women (be she famous or not) to be photographed (as stage actress Lilly Langtry was here) when she was in the "family way".

“In the late 19th century it was a widely held belief that masturbation caused insanity and devices such as this were designed to prevent the wearer from touching or stimulating himself. They were often used in mental institutions and sometimes in the home” - Wellcome Images Sources: V, Wellcome Images

The Victorian Pantry, Authentic Vintage Recipes (includes historical recipes that are just fun to read; recipes include those for kisses [lemon meringue], cider cake, plum pudding, snitz and knep, bubble and squeak, onion custard, and more!)

A rare behind the scenes glimpse of a rather serious looking Victorian (1890s) bride who is being dressed for her big day.

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