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I often want to shake my adult children and say..." what are you doing?" Soon you will find yourself old, and alone, if you FREAKN don't stop acting so stupid! Life is fast... You are wasting it on all the wrong things and people...love .....not outside your home but what is already in your home.

Lessons Learned in Life | What I love you means.

<3 two hearts that understand each other in silence is much better than thousand words. People who love their freedom needs it as a gesture of respect, clinging lovey dovey is surely a relationship killer for these people, we are the same.

Yes! Shallow people will never understand this. The outside shell is just a bonus! ;) Even though "being" should be "begin"

Love Quotes--Become a Love Magnet with "52 Romantic Things To Do" LOVE LIGHT 2 YOUR SOULS

No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together. by deeplifequotes, via Flickr

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