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Build Your Own Eco House Cheap: 10 DIY Inspirations

Free yourself from the binds of an expensive mortgage by building your very own low-cost, eco-friendly home. Whether you’d like a small, simple earthen house, an off-grid cabin, a renovated Airstream or a house made of reclaimed shipping containers, you can come up with a plan that fits your lifestyle. Here are 10 inspiring examples, ranging in cost from an astounding $300 up to $40,000.

NSFW Formerly "Lovely Ladies" Latin Via Venustas translated to English means "Road or Way, Beauty." I am a new artisan (a painter) who has found the truth, tranquility, and joy in this work. It has...

A-Frame Contemporary Retro House Plan 24308

A Frame House Plan 24308 | Total Living Area: 823 sq. ft., 1 bedroom & 1 bathroom. The A-frame's steep roof is designed to shrug off the deep snowfall of a mountain environment, yet, this cabin would be equally at home in any vacation setting. Although this is not a large home, a spacious feeling is achieved by the large open living room. #aframe #houseplan

A tiny house retreat in Cobleskill, NY. Built by Lil Lodge and featured on Tiny House Nation.

This Triangular House is Beautiful (and Terrifying) — Design News

Perched up high upon the edge of a towering cliff is this triangular house designed by German architect Matthias Arndt. An astonishing architectural concept, the space boasts unspoiled views of the su...

The Chimera tiny house by Wind River Homes. A 192 sq ft tiny house on wheels priced at $84,000. I like the dryer and fridge under the stairs.