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20 Books To Help You Become More Spiritual

Spirituality. What is spirituality? you might ask. For a very long time, people of all different ethnic backgrounds have tried to define what the word spirituality is about. I've heard different versions of how people define spirituality. Some are...

We can therefore study the collective unconscious in two ways, either in mythology or in the analysis of the individual." ~Carl Jung, The Structure of the Psyche, Collected Works 8, Paragraph 325

Pendulums for dousing are a fun way to get in touch with the answers from spirit, guides, angels and your higher self. Stop in and find a great selection in my Etsy shop of unique "One of a Kind" Pendulums.

The spiral is one of the oldest and most universal symbols. It represents the cosmic force, a doorway to life, the cycles of time and nature, spiritual journey, evolution/learning/growing, emanation, winding and unwinding, birth and death, the dynamic aspect of things.

Found this on an inspirational blog with lots of exercises, daily tips and motivation