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Jim Palmer, author, activist, speaker, spiritual director, leading figure in the non-religious spirituality movement

Spirituality is the bridge that connects our physical and emotional worlds – Tuchy Palmieri Paying it forward

Blue is the color of the fifth, throat chakra. Throat #chakra - verbal communication skills such story telling, singing, voice coaching and neck, throat and shoulder exercises. #meditation

Pendulums for dousing are a fun way to get in touch with the answers from spirit, guides, angels and your higher self. Stop in and find a great selection in my Etsy shop of unique "One of a Kind" Pendulums.

Internal medicine – meditation, forgiveness, love, gratitude, laughter, peace, serenity, amends, service, prayer, visualization, play, sex, intimacy, friendship, honesty, integrity, faith, scripture, the God within (Holy Spirit)…… Tuchy Palmieri Paying it forward

Brené Brown, researcher/storyteller, research professor of social work, author, speaker.

The spiral is one of the oldest and most universal symbols. It represents the cosmic force, a doorway to life, the cycles of time and nature, spiritual journey, evolution/learning/growing, emanation, winding and unwinding, birth and death, the dynamic aspect of things.