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Your audience will get the memo with this promotional magic magnet!

The reason that I like this is simply because of it being a little bit different to other self branding. I think it just shows a bit more creativity than your average business card with it having the magic wand tool as a sort of free item you get with it and then the "Many faces of Jamie Reed" which shows a little bit of his design skills off.

Inforgraphic representation of a Creative Brief

Self promotional piece from a graphic designer. He included his formal resume and his portfolio on a cd. But this was his eye-catching self promo. Well done!

hilary pfeifer have students draw a "miro" like still life? Or images fromscience and then could make pieces from clay?

What Wizard/Witch Are You?

MBX Vol 01 02 One-with Nature by Nisachar

Money would be nice, too...

tools of the trade

Harry Potter Proud Member of S.P.E.W. Pin-back Button

Harry Potter Proud Member of SPEW Pinback Button or by mikarts, $1.30

Divine Healing Codes 13 31 989 Dragon Attunement Dragon Attunement gives an aura of authority, increases invulnerability, intuition and protection, gives high charisma and personal magnetism. Overcomes trickery, slander, black magic and any hidden plots. It also protects and advances career and financial status. Dragon Attunement also destroys negative entities. It protects from slander and theft and brings family harmony. Dragon Attunement brings promotions, advances career, and brings…