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Healthy Vegan Seattle and Chocolate Travel Overnight Oats

Chocolate Travel Overnight Oats

This post shows everything I ate in a day in Seattle, including my hotel overnight oats, a trip to vegan Chaco Canyon, and a salad at Whole Foods Market.

Avo-Tomato Lunch Plate Recipe  This simple dish is all about getting back to basics, and relying on the flavors of fresh, natural plant food. Avocado, tomato and basil are an amazing combination from Mother Nature, that is so delectable.  I think I'd add a thinly sliced red onion on top!

Avo-Tomato Lunch Plate Recipe Ingredients (serves 1 avocado 1 large tomato or 2 small plum tomatoes Handful of basil leaves ½ Tbs of olive oil (optional) Black pepper, to taste Celtic sea salt, to taste (optional)