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I read all these books when I was like 8 years old.

The Lump In My Pants Means I Love You

The Lump In My Pants Means I Love You - vintage retro antique kitsch book pulp novel

Awww......look how happy she is. Way to go 10 year old little girl!

lovely: Illustrator Bob Staake has created 25 Bad Children’s Books, with titles like “Bukowski for Kids,” “Dead Whales Can’t Wave Back,” “Mommy Needs to Go to Detox,” and many more. All are done in classic “Golden Books” childrens style.

Can't believe this is really a book! Like share and repin! #A horrifying children's book - LMAO

Good-Bye Testicles children's story book by Anne Welsh Gay, Illustrated by Frank Vaughn, dog in hospital bed, nurse in white cap, children story book photo in background jack and jill with bucket pale going up hill ¿

Children and dogs, (I'd add cats to the list...lol), but boy, is it ever true!

Who Cares About Elderly People? (Who Cares Series): Pam Adams, Rachael Letch


In a series called bad little children books, author and illustrator, Bob Staake has altered vintage children's book covers and put his own twist on things. Could you imagine story time with titles like these?

I would never pee in front of my husband, but this is hilarious.

Long Term Relationship Barbie Funny Image from evilmilk. Long Term Relationship Barbie was added to the pictures archive on

Anybody can be cool...But awesome takes practice

Hilarious book titles (and covers). Anybody can be Cool .But Awesome Takes Practice by Lorraine Peterson