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1 PURE WHITE MOONSTONE Tumbled Stone - White Moonstone Crystal, White Moonstone Stone, Tumbled White Moonstone, White Moonstone Gemstone

Love Grid Altar - This altar is a love grid composed of 5 natural crystal quartz points, 5 tumbled rose quartz stones surrounding a rose quartz sphere. An aqua aura tantric twin soul mate point is nestled atop a crystal cluster (left) to amplify the energy of the stones. The large red heart behind the whole grid is an alabaster bookend (from Barnes & Noble) used for its symbolic shape.

Shipping out these beauties first thing tomorrow morning ! ^_^ I will definitely miss these gorgeous rings! Can't wait to make more for the next update 💕💕❤️

Can't thank you guys enough for all the amazing support for the past couple days !! Feeling much better. And So excited to be working with these gorgeous gems today for my mermaids treasures collection!! So many beauties in the works I can't wait to show you guys ❤️❤️

Hoe werkt energetische edelsteentherapie? | Semoea Helende Edelstenen

Learn how the Earth Chakra keeps you grounded and protected and connects you to Mother Gaia and aligns you with the earths magnetic core. See specific stones to use.

Thank you guys for all the support on the passing of my cat. I'm doing my best to channel all my energy into positivity and creating new pieces for my mermaids treasures collection. Available to purchase during my upcoming update❤️ I'll be making a few of these as well with purple labradorite and pink moonstone 💕